5 Mile Bridge and Barn

5 Mile Bridge and Barn

…about 13 miles into my favorite bike ride I come across 5 Mile Bridge and…

Beautiful Barn

…this old barn…

Barn Side

…i’ve often wondered about the story of this place…

Barn Plant

…untold stories that perhaps reside in someone’s heart and mind…

Barn Nails

 …the earth seems to be slowly consuming the structures…

Barn Door

…still, there is a quiet beauty about it all…

Next to the Barn

…a stillness and peace…

Not Quite Sure

B&W Barn

Beauty of the Barn

…whatever stories these images tell, I dedicate them to an inspiring friend and storyteller: Matthias. Thank you for telling such wonderful stories…

5 thoughts on “5 Mile Bridge and Barn

  1. You cannot believe how I’M pleased. Your first report! … and you did a good job combined with words. I know that such posts take some time. But it is worth, for you, for later. Interesting outland – seems to be loneliness and lapse in some parts. Thanks Carlos for sharing this, for thinking on me!

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