Our Father

you sound better today
better than yesterday
i’m your father… i know
you see I never left her side
I was with her when I imagined her
I saw her before there was time
and before the mountains stood
and the oceans sang
before the great forests
were just little children
she was my child
you sound better today
better than yesterday
i’m your father… i know

what you see as trial
I see as triumph
what you see as pain
I see as refining
what you see as darkness
is just light to Me
what you see as defeat
is just another step
upon the light of eternity
a small thread
in the tapestry
an immeasurable stroke of the brush
on this canvas of beauty
for she is a masterpiece
radiant in my love
held in My arms
you sound better today
better than yesterday
i’m your father… i know
I saw her tears
I saw yours too
fear and trust
doubt and peace
such a crazy dance
it is the unseen real
that you must see
it is the end of the rope
that you must release

you sound better today
better than yesterday
i’m your father… i know
I have come
to know your pain
I have suffered
beyond all suffering
give yourself to me
I am acquainted
with your deepest grief
and I know how alone
you feel
how helpless
out of control
just give yourself to me
you sound better today
better than yesterday
i’m your father… i know

that’s what your
earthly papa said
when he called you

you see I gave him to you
he knows

and please hear Me
I’m your Father
I know

more fall moments

Starved Rock State Park, in Oglesby, IL, is filled with hiking trails, canyons, high cliff views of the Illinois River and, in the Fall, the beauty of all those fallen leaves. My colleagues and I go to this park for our annual hiking trip to celebrate birthdays on our staff. We enjoyed a cool, beautiful day! Thanks for stopping buy.

and He is love

the beautiful sadness of fall
colors singing proudly
before cascading to the earth
creating a carpet
of emerald crimson and lemon
to welcome the solace and solitude of winter

the humility of each season
is the common theme of the songs they sing
each season happily surrenders its beauty
to the charm and grace of the next
and so all creation sings to the Creator

let us do the same
welcome the constant change
that this life brings
and be alive
to all that must die within us
and be willing to surrender
to all that must be reborn
through confession
and the grace and mercy
of our Lord

"Yes, grass withers and flowers fade,
but the word of our God endures forever." *



* Isaiah 40:8

dwight correctional center

On a recent motorcycle ride I went past this property, and because I love old, abandoned structures, it caught my eye, and I decided that I was going to return, so, I did. This was the Dwight Correctional Center, located just west of Dwight, Illinois. It was the state’s only Level One maximum-security adult female facility. It was opened in 1930 and closed in 2013. The buildings are beautiful, in a sad way, and I will return to further explore this 160 acre location.


we must tell the stories of this great land
the stories of our struggles and flaws
the stories of tragedy and suffering
of all that needs to be healed and restored

we must also tell the stories of valor and bravery
the stories of unimaginable courage
in the face of unspeakable evil
stories of men and women
who represent
our highest ideals
our best selves
men and women
who through their character
their love of country
and their other centered hearts
remind us that we must live for others
that we must reach beyond self

with gratitude for those who protect and serve
for those who rescue and heal
we sing
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
Till selfish gain no longer strain
The banner of the free!