great papa

for years
he’s been by her side
coffee in the morning
every meal
prepared with pride
keeping track
of all the meds
cleaning and cooking
making the bed
letting go of self
in untold ways
after retirement dreams
placed on the shelf
he tries his best
and without rest
he serves her
he loves her

such a lonely place
none will ever know
nor can ever trace
the chores
and trips to the stores
how patiently
he listens
in the bickering
it’s sometimes hard
to keep emotions
in line
still he sighs
and tries to understand
tries to let it go
tries to show
that it’s okay
i don’t think
he would want it
any other way
just the other day
he said
“after all she’s done for me i serve her”

real men
like my dad
realize that it’s
not what you have
it’s not what you take
or what you win
or what you gain
it’s losing yourself
to serve another
denying yourself
to comfort another
love is not a word
it’s washing her feet
helping her dress
cleaning the mess
changing the sheets
and all rest
that won’t
fit on this page

some might say
he is a hero
bigger than life
and they would be right
but i think in the end
my dad loves his wife
his precious friend
it’s Freddy and Carmen
with love in their hearts
right from the start
they meant it
till death do us part
he’s still serving his bride


the sad sad shadows

so i think that we should sing
about the sad sad shadows
why do i keep remembering
their darkened glance
it seems that they want to dance
into the story
and at any moment
the sad sad shadows
fall on me

so about those sad sad shadows
inside those weathered picture frames
a broken promise here
something undone there
framed fractures and failures
each one calls my name
and the struggle starts again
with one word
oh the shadow
of shame
falls on me

so listen sad sad shadows
i remembered today
that you don’t have to stay
you’re not the whole story
Light and Glory
can rewrite your songs
mend all the wrongs
and scatter the darkness
not just for a moment
but for eternity
all these parts of me
will be
once more

oh sad sad shadow
the final say
will not be yours
the Light will end the night
and all the sad sad shadows
will go away
and there will be

guatemala part 4 – bay of santiago atitlan

One of our rest days took us on a road trip to a children’s home located on the Bay of Santiago Atitlan. Our journey took us over twisty mountain roads that had spectacular views. Unfortunately, there were few places to stop and pull over to enjoy the views, or take some pics. As we got closer to our destination we passed through a small town that afforded us a wonderful view of the lake. The four lake view images in this post were taken from that spot.

Once we arrived at the home some of our team stayed and played with the kids, while others took a steep hike to get to the top of a ridge behind the home. The two images without water were taken as we ascended the ridge. The beauty of this country is truly stunning. Stay tuned for the next post where we will see what I saw at the top of the ridge. Thanks for stopping by.

oh sing my soul

the tomb is empty
and all the emptiness inside
is filled with light
don’t have to run and hide
i will rise
because He lives
the tomb is empty
and all the sin inside
all the tears i cried
no matter what i tried
only your life
has resurrected mine
the tomb is empty
and all i’m hoping for
this moment now
and forevermore
oh sing my soul
i have a home
that will never
fade away
oh sing my soul
all will be new
He is the way
the truth
the life
the tomb is empty
and all the shame inside
is gone
His love abides
in my broken soul
i am whole
for He rose
and the tomb
is empty

dear child

dear child
will you stay with me
for a moment
will you listen through my tears
i am searching for words
through the rubble of my life
i need to help you see
so that 20 years from this moment
you will remember
and weep
and tell the story again

dear child
there is evil in this world
it is plain to see
all of history
tells the same sad story
but greater still than all we see
is the darkness in you and me
the darkness in you and me

all the change
i want this world to know
all the healing that i want to see
all that is broken deep inside of me
oh God
start with me

dear child
there are heroes in this world
men and women
brave and true
facing evil
the fire of courage
in their eyes
greater than the fires all around
and when walls and steel
when glass and stone
fell down
it is now upon us all
to remember
our sons
our daughters
our mothers
our fathers
our sisters
our brothers
oh my God they are gone
they were heroes on that day
there are heroes in this world

dear child
do not fear
there is evil
but greater still
is the song of hope
is the melody of light
do you see this cross
made from broken steel
rising from the ashes
rising from the pain

do you see the Cross
the Son of Man on a tree
all the evil of the world
all the darkness in you and me
he bore on the tree
He ran into the darkness
the ground zero of our souls
to set us free
to mend our hearts
to redeem

dear child
life is
unimaginably beautiful
and fleeting
so remember
to sing songs about
the heroes that are gone
so remember
the Cross still stands
and calls to all
giving faith
giving hope
giving love

dear child
tell the story
the Cross

every whisper

the doctors said you were leaving
i don’t see a world without you
time stopped and crashed and just shattered
no God
please not you

so many whispered ‘Our Father…’
pleading grace and mercy for you
He heard all our cries
every whisper
a new story was written for you
undeserving and grateful
we’re still here
and i’m blessed to be loved by you
every breath is a gift
in every joy every sorrow
each moment a fading song
but we sing out loud
into the unknown tomorrow

time may fracture again
so we whisper
our Father in heaven above
may your name be first in our eyes
may your kingdom thrive
in our hearts and lives
may your will be done in our love

while we’re still here
on earth
as it is
in heaven

beauty within

Did you miss it this morning? It was such a beautiful start to the day. It’s OK if you did. Often in my life I miss the beauty all around me. Whether or not you and I see it, or acknowledge it, there is also beauty within. Everyone on this planet… everyone… is created in the image of Almighty God. If we truly understand this then we can define people properly. I don’t always live up to the image that I carry of my God. And many people around me don’t either. It doesn’t change how I define them… how I fundamentally understand, welcome, and accept them. This is what it means to love your fellow man… to be a good neighbor… to move into this world with light and grace.


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

“…let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

“I have come into the world as light…”

“…God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”