a beautiful spring night

Amidst the changes and challenges we are all facing, I am grateful for the beauty of a wintry, Spring night. Here is why my Christmas lights up. White lights to represent that we are all created in the image of God. That is my conviction, therefore, I believe that we all carry God’s light. God is love, and when we care for each other, and put others first, we are becoming the highest expression of the light and love of God. Blue lights for the greatest team that I am honored to be a small part of: the Minooka PD. And blue lights for all first responders: firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, PAs, doctors, and all the medical professionals that are working so hard to help all of us… thank you. Give thanks for each other, and give thanks for so many who are helping.

light stories and lenses

There is a $12 fee to enter the privately run museum at the lighthouse. The museum is modest in size and scope, but, the gentleman who was taking tickets to climb the lighthouse was an expert in all things lighthouse: the history of the Montauk Point Lighthouse; the amazing Fresnel lenses that shoot light across the ocean; how erosion is controlled so the lighthouse doesn’t fall into the sea, to name a few.

These lenses are amazing works of art in and of themselves. Thanks for stopping by. Next up: inside the lighthouse.