upon my body


For this post: back to salvation Mountain, Niland, CA. We did not have this destination on our itinerary during our recent trip out west, but, we were glad that we made the journey there. And, it is quite a journey! You need to pass the Salton Sea (image coming soon) and be okay with feeling like you are driving…well…. to nowhere-land! The artist, Leonard Knight, created a totally unique work expressing his faith in God.

light in the darkness


The biggest take away from my trip to Haiti was the reality that light shines amidst the darkness. We met missionaries, pastors, entrepreneurs and nuns that are bringing hope, practical help and light to Haiti.

DSC01224 smart copy

The Apparent Project is a bright light in Haiti. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with this life giving and life changing work: http://apparentproject.org/


On the homepage of The Apparent Project you will read: “Arts advocating for the poor.” This is a remarkable work that is providing skills, employment and, literally, life, to families.


Be sure and check out The Apparent Project Party Box page on the site: http://apparentproject.org/party-boxes/


Thank you!