8 thoughts on “tower down! tower down!

      1. Hello friend. i send three messages to them but no one help me,i feel very bad ,i am sad and humiliated, this is first time in my life when i am treated in this manner , God Bless . maybe this is our last conversation , remember me ,EM

      2. Hello, someone for sure has violated my privacy and human rights I do not have access to my photos, and i send 7 emails and no one from the crew aswer me, do you think this is weird? i can’t even post on forum i am Blocked everywhere,this messages is only active !
        I think I’m too good and the competition wants to destroy me,i am on many sites around the world ans sometimes they delete my works or block with no reason , They afraid of my art that’s for sure but Why ? I have the same rights like every person ,Bless You,eM

  1. I wonder if you have been hacked? So weird!! I would keep trying to contact WordPress. I am so sorry! I really hope you can connect with someone to get some answers!

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