chicago skyline

chicago skyline

Well, actually, this is just a small portion of the Chicago skyline. This image was taken from the amazing Maggie Daley Park looking back towards Millennium Park. (Click here and here for a couple of my images of Maggie Daley Park.) You can see the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in the lower center portion of the image. I am a New Yorker at heart, but it is really hard to beat the majesty of Chicago and, the beauty of the vast green space and urban playground of Grant Park, Millennium Park and, Maggie Daley Park. Bravo Chicago!

2 thoughts on “chicago skyline

  1. It’s a lovely city. I’ve been in winter and walked across the freezing bridges emulating the scene with Sean Connery from the untouchables. I’ll have to try to go back one day.

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