breathing colors

Sorry for the space in between posts…. I have been on…well…. an adventure of sorts. Was hospitalized for one night earlier this week due to difficulty breathing….great difficulty breathing. Long story short, I am all right, but have been ill since Oct. 6. Cough, wheezing…etc. On meds and on the mend now.

I took a short stroll to try and soothe some cabin fever and brought my camera. In our corner of the world fall fell, and is falling away towards winter, but there are still moments where you just wait…and let the colors saturate your soul and fuel your wonder and…..breathe…

River and Sky

River and Sky

I have been a runner for many years and, while I do still run, I am bicycling a lot more. This is one of my favorite destinations. It is a park along the banks of the Illinois River in Morris, IL. I have taken lots of shots here and I am always fascinated at how much a single location can change it’s character due to the weather and the change of season. This was a particularly beautiful day.