lonely tree

lonely tree

Happy 2016 everyone! Well, from the weather side of things, the end of 2015 looks a lot like the significant flooding we had about 7 months ago. December was unusually warm and ended with a wintry mix of ice pellets, followed by flooding rain. Due to our flight being cancelled, and the resulting backlog, I was not able to get to Haiti. We hope to go in May. This is a lonely tree wondering why the Illinois River is so high….again. Here’s to warmer times…. cheers!

rain, rain go away

river trees

A week ago we had a terrific rainstorm that featured record sized hail for our area. That was the beginning of a few days of torrential rain that resulted in swollen creeks and rivers and flooded roads all over this region. This is the Illinois River, at William G. Stratton State Park, in Morris, IL, a favorite destination that is featured in many posts on this blog. The image below was taken with my phone and gives you a sense of the flooding at this park.

flooded IL river