that crazy pavilion

I haven’t quite decided if I appreciate the Jay Pritzker Pavillion. The modern, asymmetrical, what-am-i-looking-at? design is, for me, as fascinating as it is frustrating. Yeah.. I tend to be one of those symmetry people. For more check out this link:

ta da!

ta da!

The great WordPress mystery is solved at last! You can see in this image of the Jay Pritzger Pavilion in Millennium Park, Chicago, that my previous post was an image of the structure that floats above the lawn that provides a grid for the sound system. I have taken quite a few pictures here, but it is a modern, massive, wonder, so I find it hard to capture.

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jay pritzker revisited

jay pritzker pavilion 3

Hope you are not getting too tired of all these Chicago images! This is the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago. I have officially given this crazy pavilion the title of “the most difficult location/structure/….thing to photograph…. in the universe!”  I have a couple of other images of this pavilion here and here. The beautiful, asymmetrical design of the architecture, along with the network of tubes that are suspended above the grassy area to hold the speakers for the sound system, all create a “busy” location to try and photograph. Still, it is a beautiful pavilion, and serves as a centerpiece of the recreational and concert life of Chicago.