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montana 2016 11

I have worked on a black and white version of this image that I will post soon…I could not decide which one I liked more, so I will start with this one, then the b&w version…I would be interested to hear which one you prefer and why. Hope you are enjoying these Montana moments…I have just a few more to go. Have a great week everyone!

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montana 2016 5

beauty wonder majesty the artist paints a tapestry of sky and earth for all to see the beauty wonder majesty i sing i dance i soar in praise i run and kneel i want to stay and see the beauty wonder majesty that fills my soul and makes me small and makes me still thankful for all the beauty wonder majesty

montana moments

montana 2016

Grateful to be enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in Montana this week while teaching a class at Arrowhead Bible College. I haven’t been posting too much lately because my hard drive decided to get funky, then my Lightroom catalog joined in. All better now. Have a great week!