what i saw in winter park, florida

My wife and I recently went to a conference in Florida and were able to spend some time with family in Winter Park, Florida. They took us downtown, and this is some of what I saw. Hope you enjoy.


u need art

at the ready


sidewalk flowers

dubble bubble

out of the way place


burgerfi lights

yes please

kettle corn

so much candy





olive oil


little chapel

5 thoughts on “what i saw in winter park, florida

    1. Actually, this was our first time to downtown Winter Park. We don’t get to see my brother in law that much (Florida is far from everything – or – to quote Bugs Bunny: “Why did they have to make the South so far south?”), so we took advantage of the time we had to check out the area. Glad we did.

  1. That’s what was so hard when we lived in Miami. Miami was at the end of the world, and it took 12 hours to get out of FL by car.

  2. Awesome details, touching human scenes, amazing atmosphere. Carlos, you know I love small reports. And you did it and I’m stumble 🙂 Thanks for showing the world this captures as fine story. Applause 🙂

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