Wynwood Walls

One of the greatest delights on our recent trip to Florida was a visit to Wynwood Walls. You can read all about Wynwood Walls here. This urban street art gallery is an absolute must see if you are ever in or near Miami! Some of you will recognize the work of Eduardo Kobra. My only regret is that I did not take the time to note all of the artists that appear in this post. Bravo to all the artists and this amazing art district in Miami!

light in the darkness


The biggest take away from my trip to Haiti was the reality that light shines amidst the darkness. We met missionaries, pastors, entrepreneurs and nuns that are bringing hope, practical help and light to Haiti.

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The Apparent Project is a bright light in Haiti. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with this life giving and life changing work: http://apparentproject.org/


On the homepage of The Apparent Project you will read: “Arts advocating for the poor.” This is a remarkable work that is providing skills, employment and, literally, life, to families.


Be sure and check out The Apparent Project Party Box page on the site: http://apparentproject.org/party-boxes/


Thank you!

dustin and andrea

dustin and andrea

So my oldest daughter got married this past weekend and, as father of the bride (and one of the pastors of the wedding), it would not have been appropriate for me to walk around with my camera taking all kinds of pictures, even though that is exactly what I wanted to do  😉  I did manage to take one picture with my phone. This is an image of the artwork that my colleague (and other pastor in the wedding) created during a song, and while I took the couple through communion and their vows. It was a weekend of love, fun, celebration and, beautiful artistry.