light stairs

It was a dizzying climb to the top of the lighthouse. The relatively small space and limited field of vision was disorienting, in a fun kind of way.

The Lighthouse was completed on November 5, 1796 and is the oldest Lighthouse in the State of New York and the 4th oldest Lighthouse in the United States. The Tower is 110′ 6″ tall and there are 137 iron steps to the top of the tower. Thanks for that Google.

If you would like to explore the story and history of the Montauk Lighthouse a bit more, this is a good place to start: Next: what I found at the top.

light at the end of the island

Here are some images of the Montauk Lighthouse at the end of the island. It was a beautiful day to explore in and around the lighthouse.

If you want to read more about this National Historic Landmark check out this link:

According to our friends at Wikipedia, the lighthouse was constructed in 1796. The building in front is a privately run museum.

Thanks for stopping by. Soon to come: interior images.

marseilles motorcycle 6

This is the 6th in a small series of images from a recent motorcycle ride to a favorite location, The Marseilles Mill Ruins, which, you can learn about by clicking on a link in my previous post.  These are pictures of one of the gates that controlled the flow of water along channels, called raceways, that were used to help create power and run the old paper mill.