at the boardwalk

My wife and I are back in New York to visit my mom. It is her 90-ish birthday. I am not allowed to know her actual age! Naturally we spent some time at the shore. It was a warm, breezy day. First of a few posts from my favorite place to be.

come sail away

sailing 3

I have been enjoying visiting family and friends this past week back home on Long Island, New York, where I spent my childhood. If you have been following my blog you know that I am very content and at peace to walk along the shore and enjoy the beauty of the sea. My brother (we are twins) has the same kind of peace and joy, only, he has to be on the sea. He is a talented, skilled sailor and, he and his wife took us out for a sunset sail. It was a beautiful evening. This is the first of a few posts from our evening. Do you prefer the black and white, or, the color version?

sailing 4

robert moses state park

I am back home in New York visiting my family. Always glad to be able to head back to the shore.

These are taken at Robert Moses State Park.

The Robert Moses Causeway is named after the urban master builder, Robert Moses, who is responsible for much of what life looks like in New York: highways, suburbs and, state parks.