old barn

old barn

Located on the I & M Canal  at 5 Mile Bridge, I have been told that this barn dates back to the construction of the canal in the 1800’s. The barn has many stories, sits as a lonely reminder of a forgotten time, and, as seasons change, it seems to get dressed in whatever the weather brings out, and always looks fine.

10 thoughts on “old barn

    1. I think the affinity I have for “old places”, like this barn, is connected to the realization that real people lived here…loved here…worked here… so it has a kind of sadness for me… seeing it now abandoned…

      1. Don’t be sad. I live here. The place is not abandoned. Thanks for enjoying.

      2. Hi Josh! Glad to know the barn is part of a home. I have taken lots of images of this barn. You may see me on the property from time to time. 🙂 If that’s okay…

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