marseilles motorcycle 2

South of the small downtown of Marseilles, main street goes over the Illinois River (the bridge on the right) just west of the Marseilles Lock and Dam (on the left.) The Illinois Waterway connects the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico via the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. This is one of a series of 8 locks, managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, that control water flow from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River system.

old barn

old barn

Located on the I & M Canal  at 5 Mile Bridge, I have been told that this barn dates back to the construction of the canal in the 1800’s. The barn has many stories, sits as a lonely reminder of a forgotten time, and, as seasons change, it seems to get dressed in whatever the weather brings out, and always looks fine.

5 mile bridge

my favorite bridge

When I ride my bicycle west I pass over this bridge. Below are links to other images of this bridge that I have posted on this blog. I stop here each time to pray, drink some water, and enjoy the surroundings. It is my favorite bridge.