mission accomplished

mission accomplished

The day after Thanksgiving is the traditional day that the Garcia family gets the Christmas tree up and begins the decorating joy! Mission accomplished on the tree, but the rain has left our house without Christmas lights. Hopefully this week! With three of our four children married it was a bit quieter, but I am SO EXCITED for my favorite time of the year! What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

8 thoughts on “mission accomplished

  1. Nice photo, I love the out of focus abstraction of the tree. It must be a nice one. Our family tradition is Thanksgiving. We manage to get everyone in our house. With adult kids living in different parts of the country, it’s a rare thing for everyone to be together in one place.

    1. Thank you. We do like our tree. It is an old, artificial tree, but it has a nice shape and fullness. Three out of our four kids are married, so life has changed for us as well, but we will all be together for Christmas!

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