montana moments

montana 2016

Grateful to be enjoying the beauty of God’s creation in Montana this week while teaching a class at Arrowhead Bible College. I haven’t been posting too much lately because my hard drive decided to get funky, then my Lightroom catalog joined in. All better now. Have a great week!

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

middle east conflicts war memorial

I have posted many images from this location in Marseilles, IL: this is the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. On a recent bicycle ride here I took more time at the memorial. I took many pictures and when I came home I noticed that I took a picture of one of the granite walls without realizing that my last name was on the wall: “Garcia.” I don’t know this brave hero, or the other fallen heroes etched on these silent, black stones, but I am so grateful for their bravery, service, valor and sacrifice.