a prayer

dear Lord
when i am restless
let the tranquility
of your Spirit
the comfort of your word
the light of your love
be my peace
and still my stirring
when i am anxious
let the power
of your grace
the assurance of your sovereignty
the goodness of your will
warm the frozen fear
i feel inside
release the heart shackles
and settle my thoughts
in the river of your presence
when i am triggered
let your mercy
help me remember
how much is broken in me
let your justice
be the end of my longing
let my heart be open
to you and this world
send me
as your loving healing presence
as i receive your love
and your healing
when i am lost
bring me home
when i am so sad
that light seems a memory
and hope a forgotten song
reorient my mind
reset my spirit
help me see
that the suffering is but a moment
that all i long for
awaits in your house
no more tears
no need of light
or sun
no darkness
thank you
my dear Lord
thank you

abandoned 5

abandoned 5

I can’t look at an abandoned building without thinking about people. A team of masons helped construct this building. Electricians and carpenters also had a hand in construction. Men and women with families built this and, later, worked here. Still looking for a way inside… stay tuned…

the meeting of the gulls

the meeting of the gulls

Stumbled upon this high level meeting of the gulls. Among the topics I heard discussed: the problem of high property taxes; the awful smell of sun tan lotion; the dreaded return of sea doos and boats; those darn geese think they own the beach; let’s get that idiot with the camera. That’s when I ran.