over the boardwalk

jones beach boardwalk revisited

Taken back in July when I went home to New York to be with my parents and help my dad after his 5th knee surgery…yup…that’s a long story. He is doing quite well. Life has been a bit crazy lately but I hope to get back to posting more images here. Thanks for stopping by!

jones beach, ny

jones beach

I am in a New York state of mind these days. My elderly parents still live in the house I grew up in and I am looking forward to spending some time with them in a couple of weeks, so, I found this image taken last spring when I was with them. The seashore is my favorite place to be, and, in my humble opinion, it doesn’t get any better than the southern shores of Long Island. Can’t wait to see you mom and dad.

my dad… my son

my dad...my son

My dad just turned 74…my son is 26… their lives and experiences are miles apart… on our last full day in NY we took a walk on the boardwalk at Jones Beach and I was so glad to see these two men – who mean the world to me – talk and share moments together. So grateful for family.



Back to Jones Beach State Park for this post. This is part of a series of images were taken back in January on a rather cold and dull day, so it has been fun working with the pictures to try and find some detail and perspective. I love the shore when it is like this…quiet…deserted…salty air…loud, winter surf…time speeds away and slows down all at once…if that makes sense…..



The Jones Beach Boardwalk still manages to charm after all these years. If you have been around my blog at all you know about my love for the shore, and especially, the beaches at Jones Beach and Robert Moses. When I smell the salty air, walk on the sand and boardwalk, and put my feet in the water (which I did when this was taken on a cold day in January), I am taken back to so many moments spent on these shores…..  I remember clinging to my dad, laughing and frightened all at once, while he fulfilled my request to take me out into the sea. I would hold on tighter and tighter as each Atlantic wave approached, thinking for sure we would be knocked down, but my dad just stood there…against that BIG ocean…to me he was the most powerful man in the world. To this day, in so many ways, he is.