family joy


I hope you will allow a little grand-parenthood indulgence…. Soren is our first grandchild, and, I highly recommend the great wide wonderful world of grandchildren. I only knew my father’s mom: a gentle, loving soul, so, for me, it’s an extra special joy to be able to make memories and share life with this little guy. And, of course, that’s my beautiful bride with Soren. Thank you for letting me indulge.

Ruth and Soren

Mother and Son

Mother and SonThis is my grandson, Soren, and his mom, Emily. We celebrated his first birthday and I took mucho pictures. Let’s just say that I am still a notch below novice in the great wide wonderful world of photography (my hats off to all of you who work in portrait photography) and can’t seem to capture a good portrait. We had a great time celebrating this little guy.