winter 2021

For most of February the temperature has been below zero. We are currently above freezing, and it looks like we will stay there for a while….say, for the rest of the year! These are some images taken at our home. We had a ski slope in the front and beautiful snow diamonds in the back. Thanks for stopping by.

the family at 31st beach

the family at 31st beach

It was a beautiful, warm day… one of those days when Winter and Spring have a tug of war… in the brief moments between parking the car and taking this picture, winter gathered all the wind she could from above the cold lake, and with all her might, threw it on to┬áthe shore. Poor Spring just didn’t see it coming. In other news, all of our kids will be home today to celebrate Mother’s Day. Have a great week everyone!

winter’s grip

winter's grip

New Buffalo, Michigan is not exactly known as a winter-get-away-from-it-all kind of destination. Especially if you live in Chicago! It’s about an hour and fifteen minute drive from our home and dear friends allow us to stay in their condo, so it has become our destination to celebrate our anniversary. This image, and the next, were taken on a cold winter day, when the wind was especially angry and simply did not grant you permission to take another step without wondering if your internal temperature would leave you looking like Jack Nicholson at the end of The Shining. When I took this, I thought the sun might win, but the wind, snow, and clouds seemed to lock it away in some cold, celestial prison where they might play with it, impervious to the immeasurable heat and radiation. We loved it…. and had a great time.

trees and tracks

trees and tracks

This is the second of a set of three images taken on a hike that I took this past Fall. Sorry for the long pause between posts. We just finished up our Christmas production at church. Each year I write the script and coordinate musicians and other artists. On a sad note, I lost a dear friend who passed away suddenly. I also sang at a service for a young mom who passed away in our community. So, there has been lots of sadness, amidst the joy and celebration of Christmas…