what i saw at starved rock

My day job is as a worship pastor. I have the privilege of working alongside a fantastic team of leaders and friends. Our team culture includes celebrating each other’s birthday. Each year we head out to Starved Rock State Park (a real gem of a place in the midst of the Midwestern plains) when my birthday celebration comes around. These images are some of what I saw today. Thanks for stopping by.

marseilles motorcycle 2

South of the small downtown of Marseilles, main street goes over the Illinois River (the bridge on the right) just west of the Marseilles Lock and Dam (on the left.) The Illinois Waterway connects the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico via the Illinois and Mississippi rivers. This is one of a series of 8 locks, managed by the Army Corps of Engineers, that control water flow from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi River system.

miss doris 2

miss doris2

Had a wonderful week at band camp. I brought my phone, so I did not take many pictures, but I may post one or two this week. In the meantime, apparently I have already posted an image of Miss Doris, so this is, officially, the second image of this river boat and barge. Now that the flooding has receded the boats and barges are able to use the Illinois Waterway once again. Miss Doris 3 is coming soon.