and so Christmas day 2017 ends

Goodbye Christmas Day 2017. It was wonderful to be with family and be reminded of how precious it is to care and support each other. It brought joy to my heart to think about friends near and far and be reminded of how my life has been surrounded with so much love and encouragement.  God bless you. Thanks, Christmas Day 2017, for a wonderful day.

go mchs!

go mchs 2

For this post (and perhaps the next): a little slice of home town life. As Summer makes preparations for Fall to arrive, and school hallways are filled with students, the fields come alive with football teams and, our favorite, marching band! This was taken at tonight’s home opener. It is senior year for our youngest son and we are looking forward to a great year of Friday night games and competitions.

good-bye friday

good bye friday

Well… that cloudy poem never arrived…but this sunset did. I am always drawn to sunsets…sunrises…..well…to almost anything that reminds me how small I am, and what true artistry is. …perspective is a good thing. So, enjoy a stroll along the shore and marvel at the vastness of the sea, or, stare – for a long time – at the stars, watch the day end, or, walk among the tallest trees you can find… I believe THE artist is always at work. Sorry for the long time between posts, spent most of the week way under the weather. Have a great weekend.