goodbye sunday

Sorry for the lack of posts… new granddaughter (yay!), lots of rehearsals in preparation for our Christmas performances and, your general, everyday, crazy busy life. So… after taking care of some long over due yardwork, decided to slow down and say goodbye to Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful week, and a Happy Thanksgiving.

and so Christmas day 2017 ends

Goodbye Christmas Day 2017. It was wonderful to be with family and be reminded of how precious it is to care and support each other. It brought joy to my heart to think about friends near and far and be reminded of how my life has been surrounded with so much love and encouragement.  God bless you. Thanks, Christmas Day 2017, for a wonderful day.

go mchs!

go mchs 2

For this post (and perhaps the next): a little slice of home town life. As Summer makes preparations for Fall to arrive, and school hallways are filled with students, the fields come alive with football teams and, our favorite, marching band! This was taken at tonight’s home opener. It is senior year for our youngest son and we are looking forward to a great year of Friday night games and competitions.