shimmers and shines

i would like to shine
bright as a sunny day
and shimmer
like a jacob collier song
but i often find
that old pride inside
and i stumble and lose my way
and it can go so wrong
when the shame gets strong
and i reach for a new identity
no matter how i try
i’m never free
when i think i don’t need
to be me

so i run back home
to the lover of my soul
it’s an uphill path
the lies inside
just laugh
so i bring to my mind
and heart
the One who has kept me
from the start

oh sing of the treasure
of His love
for me
for you
it shimmers
and shines

His mercy
and shines
the Light of the world
lives inside
and He
and shines

a lament or two

so jeremiah joe
have you got a sec
you know
i was wondering today
what you would have to say
about all that’s going on
you see it seems
it's all gone wrong
so on this cloudy morning
i’m tired deep inside
of all the crying and the mourning
does someone hear the lonely prayers
who will hold all the cares
of this dangerous time
this great big world
don’t laugh
i know
that you’re just
a cup of joe
a lament
or two
is time well spent
it’s true
that it’s just a little prayer
to the God who's really there
faith and hope and love
came down from above
He knows all my whys
and all the sighs
that fall from my soul
even when my tears are dry
i remember He’s alive
so i’ll take another sip
whisper words to Him
and rest
thank for listening
see ya later
jeremiah joe

mysterious love

a gray shadow
blankets the light
an opaque spirit
descends in my mind
and tries to dislodge
hope from my soul
it nearly succeeds

turn to the left
turn to the right
turn around
stay still
remain silent
everything matters
and nothing does
i can’t focus
on the next step
what kind of morning
is this
what kind of dawn
haunts me

i think i’ll wait
i choose to listen
my Maker is near
and He whispers
through the diffused
shadows of my fear
He sings through
the longing in my tears
and in this moment
nothing has changed
the struggle remains
so i yield to this moment
and trust
in His mysterious

just be

what if today
you stopped

and decided
to be
and not just
to do

instead of the illness
of this
or that

can you be with yourself
can you open your heart
to the presence
of He who made all of the stars
and thought of you
before your first cry
before the first time
you opened your eyes

just close your eyes
He knows your name
He loves you
just be

take time
to remind
your mind
that you

nook night

say goodbye
and set aside
the troubles
that are storming inside

at days end
now it's all
a remember when
so feel the sads
the mads
the glads
but more than these
give thanks and see
the treasures
the pleasures
that were yours

the sum of them all
is the story of you
the unrepeatable you
a treasure
created by your Maker
who paints the sky
a masterpiece
be at peace
and have
nook night

nook morning to you

Turn off alarm at 4:00 AM, check! Head out to the boxing gym at 4:30 AM, check! 5:00 AM workout, check! Protein shake at 6:00 AM, check! Grab the Fuji X-T30 at 6:08 AM and park adjacent to the corn field, check! Enjoy a beautiful sunrise and snap some shots at 6-something AM, check! Nook-morning to you! Have a wonderful day!

let us be still

it’s the beauty and simplicity
that we often miss
the radiance and light
that we just don’t see
the comfort and the healing
that we lay aside

oh let us rest
let us be still
for the greatest of these is love
the greatest of these is love

it’s the glory and presence
that we often ignore
a sunrise
a bird song
a baby’s laughter
the colors of all the leaves
as they fall
grace is always in season

oh let us rest
let us be still
for the greatest of these is love
the greatest of these is love

it’s the bitterness
and anger and rage
that can lead us
to waste our pain
we pursue justice
at the expense of our souls
and become that which
we loath

oh let us rest
let us be still
for the greatest of these is love
the greatest of these is love

God our world is in trouble
but greater still
is my troubled soul
my anxious thoughts
God i need you
to settle this restless heart

help me to see
beauty simplicity
your presence your glory
right here

to laugh like a child
and to sing
your praise
and your renown
with the colors
and the seasons

oh let us rest
let us be still
for the greatest of these is love
the greatest of these is love