beneath the winter sun

beneath the winter sun

The title sounds like the beginning of a nice poem, or a novel about a photographer’s adventures on the shores of a long island… but, for now, it will serve as a title. Taken on my recent trip to Jones Beach. Thanks for stopping by.

beach stroll

beach stroll


Speaking of the bride to be (see previous post) here is our oldest daughter strolling along the shore of Jones Beach, NY, the summer we picked her up when she returned from The World Race. What is The World Race? Well, it was an opportunity that changed her life. If you like, you can read about it here. That’s all for now…the father of the bride is getting a little teary eyed…



and so i decided to run along the shore of my life

all the shells are still there

scattered shattered memories washed by the sea

wind and sand, salt and sun, time and rain

the ocean sings the waves dance

it has always been the way of grace

love is here

i am grateful

for all the love that is here




Back to my favorite beach: Jones Beach, NY. For me, the nature of the shore brings a welcomed reminder of my smallness…. a sense of wonder… a sense of story…. it’s funny that I really don’t have a desire to be on the sea… but taking a walk along the shore…the music of the waves…the sea gull choirs… the refrain of the ocean advancing and retreating as my feet are swallowed up by the sand… salty air you can taste… and memories… clinging to my dad as a child while he fearlessly carried me into – what was for me – the great deep ocean…i was terrified and overjoyed all at once…. or watching my dad effortlessly float on his back as he sailed away… my mom breaking out delicious food and making sure we had sunscreen… lots of sunscreen!….. hope you are having a great weekend…


jones beach water tower 2

jones beach water tower2

And just before you head out to enjoy your weekend, another shot of the Jones Beach Water Tower. I have a few more images coming from my trip back home this past January. The Art Deco style of this tower (this 84 year old beauty is an actual functioning water tower) is representative of the bath houses and other structures in this beautiful state park.

Tied Up

Tied UpFrom Jones Beach State Park, New York: this state park is part of the storied vision of the urban / suburban development of Robert Moses, President of the Long Island State Park Commission. From beaches to bridges, to parks and parkways, Robert Moses was a master builder and his work has helped define that New York Metropolitan area in terms of beauty, accessibility, traffic and urban living. This image is taken from the beautiful Jones Beach boardwalk.