st. lucia

Returned late last Thursday from my trip to St. Lucia. I did not bring my DSLR, but I did have my trusty iPhone. The image above is taken from Cap Moule à Chique (Vieux-Fort). It is the location of an inactive lighthouse offering incredible views.

I love early morning walks, so almost each day started with one. The image below was taken from a lookout at the end of a very steep climb! Worth every step.

by a st lucia road

by a st lucia road

I enjoyed taking a 2.5 mile walk on my recent trip to St. Lucia, mostly because it was much easier than taking the 2.5 mile run! The volcanic island of Saint Lucia is more mountainous than many other Caribbean islands, so you are almost constantly going up or down, making running a bit more challenging that running here in the plains of the Mid West.

Parish of Laborie, St. Lucia

Parish of Laborie, St. Lucia

On my recent trip to St. Lucia I was fortunate to see this beautiful church in the town of Laborie. While waiting for our student team to arrive for a school visit,  I went over and took some photos of the Parish of St. Lucia. I was in a rush, so they did not turn out as I had hoped, but I felt this one captured the simple beauty of this old church.

st. lucia!

end of a st lucia day


Dear WordPress family: just a quick post from St. Lucia, where we are beginning Day 7 of a 14 day trip. The church where I pastor has been sending a high school student teams to St. Lucia since 2005. We go every three years to love on the kids by sharing the Gospel through our summer day camp called SpyKidz. We take the high energy, joy filled, crazy fun of our week long day camp and condense it to 4 days for the St. Lucia children. On this trip we had a couple of firsts: a visit to a prison and a home for the elderly. Both experiences were difficult, but also life changing. We also do school visits and open air concerts. So proud of our high school students and so proud to be a part of this team!