the beauty of the ‘nook

The ‘nook is short for my home town, Minooka, Illinois. We ended Monday night with a rainbow and beautiful sunset – both taken from my front porch. The cactus flower is in the garden in front of our house. The sunrise is just a 2 minute walk from my home. What does the beauty around your home look like?

goodbye sunday

Sorry for the lack of posts… new granddaughter (yay!), lots of rehearsals in preparation for our Christmas performances and, your general, everyday, crazy busy life. So… after taking care of some long over due yardwork, decided to slow down and say goodbye to Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful week, and a Happy Thanksgiving.

good-bye friday

good bye friday

Well… that cloudy poem never arrived…but this sunset did. I am always drawn to sunsets…sunrises…..well…to almost anything that reminds me how small I am, and what true artistry is. …perspective is a good thing. So, enjoy a stroll along the shore and marvel at the vastness of the sea, or, stare – for a long time – at the stars, watch the day end, or, walk among the tallest trees you can find… I believe THE artist is always at work. Sorry for the long time between posts, spent most of the week way under the weather. Have a great weekend.