good-bye friday

good bye friday

Well… that cloudy poem never arrived…but this sunset did. I am always drawn to sunsets…sunrises…..well…to almost anything that reminds me how small I am, and what true artistry is. …perspective is a good thing. So, enjoy a stroll along the shore and marvel at the vastness of the sea, or, stare – for a long time – at the stars, watch the day end, or, walk among the tallest trees you can find… I believe THE artist is always at work. Sorry for the long time between posts, spent most of the week way under the weather. Have a great weekend.

22 thoughts on “good-bye friday

  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous….the blue and gold and bright white swirls are mesmerizing. One of my daughters thinks I have a sunrise and sunset–and cloud–addiction, but I insist you can never see or capture too many.

      1. You are not clicking your mouse enough times. (Just messin’ with ya!) You did, however, manage to stump me. I got on our kitchen computer just to check it out and I can’t figure it out either! Stay tuned….

      2. Here is what I found:

        Readers who are logged in to can also follow your blog using the follow button in the top toolbar. Readers not logged in to will see a follow button on the bottom right corner of your site if you have the follow blog button activated at Settings -> Reading.

  2. I meant to add that I usually crop out roads and power lines, but I love the way you framed this with both curving away from each other here and leading the eye

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