i talked to my tears

i talked to my tears today
they had so much to say
as they left my heart
and painted my face
sometimes i’m torn apart
by this crazy race
called life

i talked to my tears today
they had so much to say
as i felt the weight
of my head in my hands
sometimes i can’t think straight
longing for love in the hate
in all the races that shine
so beautifully shine

i talked to my tears today
they had so much to say
tell me more of the me
that must be renewed
that must be
in the deep
by love from above

i talked to my tears today
they had so much to say
so i spoke about hope
that there is a day
when justice will come
pain will be gone
and tears wiped away
on the shores of that day
all nations will sing dance and play

the beautiful “off” season

I particularly love the winter shore. The lonely beach seems to have more to say during the “off” season. I enjoy the endless songs of the water as the waves crash, and the water spreads out in a desperate attempt to explore and experience more of what it’s like to be on land. The taste of cold, salty air…

the unexpected

This was taken near the end of my walk around the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Along the right edge of the image you can make out the “road” that was made when these giant boulders were laid along the shore to protect it from erosion.

What I didn’t expect to see at the end of my walk were these stone markers along the edge of the sea. Suddenly I felt like I was in some kind of sacred space where each of these represented a story or some kind of memorial.

I was alone in this field of small stone towers…

shore time 5

We are all on a journey… we are all followers… we give our allegiance and attention to that which we understand will bring us redemption, or, some kind of relief from the darkness in this world and the darkness that lies within. As you journey on may you find peace and solace, grace and light, rest and welcome.

four saint lucia guys

the guys

This was taken on my recent trip to Saint Lucia with our church’s youth group. This is four out of the 28 students on the trip. We took some time to visit a lighthouse in Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia called: Cap Moule a Chique Light. This is one of highest lights above sea level in the world and is located on the southernmost tip of Saint Lucia.  My youngest son is in the foreground.