still here we are

For us, January 1st is Happy Anniversary as well as Happy New Year. So, in honor of my bride:

just look at those kids
kneeling in stillness
about to unfold
a story to be told
of their love

just look at those kids
praying and longing
about to discover
the path is so steep
and love will require
more than they know

still here we are
still telling a story
older now
still here we are

just look at those kids
i do
let’s go
i’m yours

your love is true
through all the hurts
pain and sorrow
you still said yes
through each tomorrow

you love so well
with grace and kindness
staying by my side
oh Ruth
so grateful
you’re by my side

still here we are
still telling a story
older now
still here we are

just look at those kids
dear God
thank you for the journey
and for taking care
of those kids
and thank you
for the gift of
that high school girl
who so long ago
was kneeling beside me
and still is

father daughter dance

father daughter dance

This is not my image. It was taken this summer by Keegan Adriance, the AY-MAY-ZING photographer for my oldest daughter’s wedding ( I shared this on my personal Facebook page, but wanted to share it with my WordPress family as well. When the pictures were sent to us this one grabbed my attention and the words below are my reflections.

we danced under the stars that night
just like my heart danced
when i first held you

and the stars were singing then
as i sang my first lullaby for you
a father, daughter dance

we have been dancing
ever since i held
your tiny finger in my hand

i’d rather not let you go
but it’s alright
it’s okay
it seems the time has come
time to see you dance
and shine
oneness is your song

i’ll never forget
this father daughter dance
i’ll hum with the stars
as i watch you grow
dancing with your lover

always remember
the stars are still singing
step into the story
of the dance
He is weaving

i am still holding you
i suppose in a way
in my heart
i’ll never stop dancing
the father, daughter

dustin and andrea

dustin and andrea

So my oldest daughter got married this past weekend and, as father of the bride (and one of the pastors of the wedding), it would not have been appropriate for me to walk around with my camera taking all kinds of pictures, even though that is exactly what I wanted to do  😉  I did manage to take one picture with my phone. This is an image of the artwork that my colleague (and other pastor in the wedding) created during a song, and while I took the couple through communion and their vows. It was a weekend of love, fun, celebration and, beautiful artistry.

beach stroll

beach stroll


Speaking of the bride to be (see previous post) here is our oldest daughter strolling along the shore of Jones Beach, NY, the summer we picked her up when she returned from The World Race. What is The World Race? Well, it was an opportunity that changed her life. If you like, you can read about it here. That’s all for now…the father of the bride is getting a little teary eyed…

at the altar…after 30 years

At the altar

That’s yours truly with my high school sweetheart kneeling at the altar on our wedding day 30 years ago. Our anniversary is 8 months away, but I was feeling nostalgic and remembered that we took the image below back in May of 2012 in the same church. Over the years we have “returned to the altar” many times to re-commit our love. Grateful for my bride.

…after 30 years