In addition to riding my bicycle, I also REALLY enjoy riding a motorcycle. This can be challenging, since I don’t own a motorcycle, but, I have a very generous friend who allows me to ride his. On this particular ride I decided to just “get lost”. I rode south on a route that I have never been on before. It was a beautiful day… clouds dotted the sky… the Midwest sky just seemed especially expansive, giving me that sense of smallness that I think each of us needs every once in a while. My journey then took me through a wind farm. I have seen these from a distance, but never up close. They are massive and possess their own beauty as much as they are also out of place on corn and soybean fields. T-95 was standing proud, making a definite “whoosh” sound as its enormous blades lazily turned… giant pinwheels making energy…. pretty cool.

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