11 thoughts on “wind catchers

  1. I love these too – some people find them ugly, but as you’ve proved here, I find them quite graceful and almost comforting with their arms outstretched!

  2. I love wind-turbine landscapes…wonderful subject with which to capture dramatic and boundless ocean skies with, I think. They really are quite interesting to look at. Beautiful shot! Is this a wind farm in the Midwest somewhere? I have visited a few in northern Illinois and Iowa. Cheers!

    Autumn Jade

    1. Dear Autumn Jade: Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment! I am fascinated by these colossal pin wheels! We live in northern Illinois and we are not far from what seems like thousands of these. You have a marvelous blog. Appreciate your artistry!

      1. Thank you! You are too kind.

        Ah, then we’ve visited with some of the same turbines, I am sure. I used to live in northern IL some years ago. I spent a lot of time roving the prairie and taking road-trips that wound through fields of those great pale giant “pin-wheels”

        Your work is absolutely superb. Best wishes,


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