black and white challenge 1

St. Patrick's Cathedral

I have accepted a black and white challenge from the amazing Darwin on the Rocks and Around the World. Check out her beautiful images and writing here:

My first post features the beautifully stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Last year I was in NY with my oldest son and we spent a day in the city. This amazing structure is undergoing a complete restoration on the inside and out. We were greeted with a dizzying array of scaffolding all around the interior of the sanctuary.

I would like to invite Marcos Ferreiro to participate in the black and white challenge. His blog features beautiful black and white photography of a wide variety of subjects. Visit his amazing blog here:

There are only 2 rules to follow by accepting this challenge:

1.Post a different black and white photo of yours each day for five consecutive days.

2. Nominate a fellow blogger on each day to continue the challenge. See you tomorrow for the next post.

8 thoughts on “black and white challenge 1

  1. Hello Carlos. I greatly appreciate your invitation, I know that you appreciate my work and I appreciate greatly your following and affection, but do not have much time for this.
    I hope you know excuse me.
    I will continue enjoying your great work whenever possible.
    Have a great day and best regards.

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