st. mary’s catholic church, port washington, wi

This is the first of three images of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Port Washington, WI. We paid our first visit to this beautiful lakeside community a couple of months ago where this church majestically watches over the town from its hilltop location.

black and white challenge 1

St. Patrick's Cathedral

I have accepted a black and white challenge from the amazing Darwin on the Rocks and Around the World. Check out her beautiful images and writing here:

My first post features the beautifully stunning St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Last year I was in NY with my oldest son and we spent a day in the city. This amazing structure is undergoing a complete restoration on the inside and out. We were greeted with a dizzying array of scaffolding all around the interior of the sanctuary.

I would like to invite Marcos Ferreiro to participate in the black and white challenge. His blog features beautiful black and white photography of a wide variety of subjects. Visit his amazing blog here:

There are only 2 rules to follow by accepting this challenge:

1.Post a different black and white photo of yours each day for five consecutive days.

2. Nominate a fellow blogger on each day to continue the challenge. See you tomorrow for the next post.

home church 2

home church 2

The second image of the church building of my childhood. The structure is in the shape of an “L”,  with the altar right at the lower left corner where the horizontal and vertical lines of an “L” meet. This is taken looking towards the alter from the end of the horizontal part of the “L.” In know that the church is not a building – it is people following as disciples – still, this was very sad for me to see.