still here


Sorry for my absence from WordPress land. I have been focusing on finishing up my second Master’s degree, getting a nasty upper respiratory cold and, a bit of travel as well. This was taken on a certain bridge that I finally ascended.

6 thoughts on “still here

  1. Hope you are feeling much improved. Fabulous shot! What an emulsion of resplendent colour…beautiful.


    Congratulations on nearing the finish of your second master’s. What is it in, may I ask?


    smiling toad

    1. Yes, much improved. Breathing is so nice when you don’t have to think about it. Thanks for your kind words. I have just finished up my Master of Divinity. My first was a Master of Music in Church Music back in the…uhh…dark ages…I think it was when they began excavating Mt. Doom. I am a worship pastor by day and by night, some call me, Metadataman! Have a wonderful week!

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