shore time 5

We are all on a journey… we are all followers… we give our allegiance and attention to that which we understand will bring us redemption, or, some kind of relief from the darkness in this world and the darkness that lies within. As you journey on may you find peace and solace, grace and light, rest and welcome.

5 thoughts on “shore time 5

  1. Thanks Carlos.

    I still have a long way to go to find the truth. The sense of endlessness that this picture transmits is a perfect reminder of it. 

    The dedication of a virtuous act for all beings is like a adding a drop of water to the ocean.  As long as the ocean exists, the drop of water exists.  So, too, a small positive action, when directed toward the benefit of all beings, will endure forever.
    The Buddha

    1. Marcelo

      In one sense I have found the truth, but, to be real, truth has found me. That doesn’t mean my journey is done. Living in the light is much harder than proclaiming the light to be true.

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