joshua tree national park

I was going through some images from our trip out west last Fall and, thought I would share these taken at Joshua Tree National Park. 

We entered the park just east of Indio, CA, on the south side. Honestly, my first impression could be summed up like this, “So….. why is this a national park?”

After a short time, I changed my mind. The splendor and beauty of the stark, rugged, “not-of-this-planet” terrain became apparent, and, I was amazed at the minimalist, harsh, glory all around me.

If you are able, it would definitely be worth the trip. Thanks for stopping by.

cholla cactus garden

When we arrived at this cactus garden in Joshua Tree National Park – and now I am dating myself a bit – I could not help but think of that old, campy science fiction movie: Day of the Triffids. Anyway, this was a fascinating garden to visit and, it would be wonderful to return when these are in bloom… that movie used to scare me!