every whisper

the doctors said you were leaving
i don’t see a world without you
time stopped and crashed and just shattered
no God
please not you

so many whispered ‘Our Father…’
pleading grace and mercy for you
He heard all our cries
every whisper
a new story was written for you
undeserving and grateful
we’re still here
and i’m blessed to be loved by you
every breath is a gift
in every joy every sorrow
each moment a fading song
but we sing out loud
into the unknown tomorrow

time may fracture again
so we whisper
our Father in heaven above
may your name be first in our eyes
may your kingdom thrive
in our hearts and lives
may your will be done in our love

while we’re still here
on earth
as it is
in heaven

a walk in the park

I have so enjoyed spending some time on Long Island visiting my parents. Whenever I come back home I always take a walk in Eisenhower Park and visit the Veterans Memorial. This beautiful memorial serves as a tribute to the heroes of Nassau County. I also always go to Jones Beach. That will be the next post.

mom moments

This is my dear mom who is… well, to be polite, she is above 90 years old. We try to get back to Long Island, NY a few times a year to visit with my family. COVID porevented an earlier trip this year and, this time, my wife needed to be at home, so I am here enjoying my parents who still live in the house I grew up in. We hung out on the front porch and just chatted away a few moments together. She carries a weight of sadness for all that she has seen in this world, but at any moment, she can laugh and get me laughing as well! Favorite quote so far: “You have to enjoy your home… when you think about it, for 60 years this home has kept us from getting wet.”

what i saw at starved rock

My day job is as a worship pastor. I have the privilege of working alongside a fantastic team of leaders and friends. Our team culture includes celebrating each other’s birthday. Each year we head out to Starved Rock State Park (a real gem of a place in the midst of the Midwestern plains) when my birthday celebration comes around. These images are some of what I saw today. Thanks for stopping by.


i am grateful for steps… the journey… gold and grave…


i am grateful for breath… the rhythm… singing out loud…


i am grateful for light… the assurance… darkness cannot abide…


i am grateful for love… love and friendship… i am not alone…


i am grateful for mystery… all that is unkown… i will trust the author…


i am grateful… for you…




This image contains lots of ingredients that make up a wonderful part of my life. It was taken a couple of years ago in my home town, East Meadow NY. You can see that it is the corner of FIFTH ST and PROSPECT AVE. If you walk towards the ’57 Chevy and turn right when you pass it, and walk down FIFTH ST, you will arrive at my home in about 4 minutes. Speaking of ’57 Chevy’s, I remember when my dad had one. In fact, I was so young, I can remember sitting in the back seat with my legs sticking straight out. I was too short to bend my knees over the edge of the cavernous seat. All to say, I love my home town memories, my dad’s old ’57 Chevy, and the precious gift of being able to go back and see my parents in the house I grew up in.