nook night

say goodbye
and set aside
the troubles
that are storming inside

at days end
now it's all
a remember when
so feel the sads
the mads
the glads
but more than these
give thanks and see
the treasures
the pleasures
that were yours

the sum of them all
is the story of you
the unrepeatable you
a treasure
created by your Maker
who paints the sky
a masterpiece
be at peace
and have
nook night

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

middle east conflicts war memorial

I have posted many images from this location in Marseilles, IL: this is the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial. On a recent bicycle ride here I took more time at the memorial. I took many pictures and when I came home I noticed that I took a picture of one of the granite walls without realizing that my last name was on the wall: “Garcia.” I don’t know this brave hero, or the other fallen heroes etched on these silent, black stones, but I am so grateful for their bravery, service, valor and sacrifice.