that’s my mom and dad


Spent a few days visiting with my parents last week in beautiful Puerto Rico. This was taken in Rincon, a popular area for surfers. This is the first of a few images from my trip to visit with them. My mom took a terrible fall two weeks before I arrived. Thankfully, no broken bones. I am very proud of them and I will share a few reflections/memories about them with these posts. For this post:

My mom and I had a conversation one day about things you talk about when your parents are elderly… I will never forget holding my mom as I assured her that she would always be welcome in my home…we cried, and as I held her frail, thin frame, through her tears she managed to say, “Take care of your father. He is a good man.”

He is a great man….and my mom a great woman…the kind of greatness that is like a rare, precious jewel….a greatness that changes the world because they are selfless, kind, so loving and possess a depth of wisdom that gives life… that’s my mom and dad…

mom and dad2 2 2016

cabo rojo and mom and dad

cabo rojo mom and dad

With all the black and white images that I have been posting lately I found myself in a colorful mood, so I began going through images that I have not worked on and ran across some photos from a trip to Puerto Rico with my mom and dad. This was taken on the southwest corner of Puerto Rico at the location of El Faro De Cabo Rojo. The next post will show what is directly behind me when I took this shot.