j p pavilion

JP Pavilion

The first of two images from downtown Chicago. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion in beautiful Millennium Park, Chicago. The network of tubes above the grass is the structure that suspends the sound system. I have been here many, many times, but never for a concert. I have to fix that!

south haven 2

south haven 2

So….. I imagine this sea gull, (if they fly by a lake are they called lake gulls?) while reflecting on this faithful, old lighthouse that has been keeping watch for years, suddenly being stunned by the question that has now formed in his bird brain: who keeps watch over the lighthouse?

lake shore and light

lake shore and light

Back to a different shore: here we are again at New Buffalo, MI. It was a particularly beautiful day….. my wife and I enjoyed a walk along Lake Michigan soaking in the sun and marveling at the ocean-like size and scope of the lake. I still prefer salty air, and the unique sound of the ocean waves, but I have to admit, Lake Michigan is beautiful.