in a little corner of my home

a cup of coffee
in a little corner of my home
lights and shadows
remind me of what lies within me
darkness and light
love and hate
goodness and self-centeredness

the memories descend

life and love
family and friends
grace and peace
laughter and song
so many gifts
undeserved and plentiful

soon the wraith
of dim stories arrives
and the quiet ache
of all things left undone
and of all that i have done
to others and to myself

i choose to surrender
to all the images
that so quickly float
through my mind
as i lift my gaze
in a little corner of my home

three crosses
such an ugly place
of death
of pain
of sorrow
of suffering

and it is there
in the midst
of the darkness and light
of my life
it is only there
where the lies i tell
and the lies i believe
are exposed

where my shame is undone
in love and acceptance
where i trade my burden
for hope
and the lightness
of forgiveness

and i realize
He is here
with me
in a little corner
of my home



This image contains lots of ingredients that make up a wonderful part of my life. It was taken a couple of years ago in my home town, East Meadow NY. You can see that it is the corner of FIFTH ST and PROSPECT AVE. If you walk towards the ’57 Chevy and turn right when you pass it, and walk down FIFTH ST, you will arrive at my home in about 4 minutes. Speaking of ’57 Chevy’s, I remember when my dad had one. In fact, I was so young, I can remember sitting in the back seat with my legs sticking straight out. I was too short to bend my knees over the edge of the cavernous seat. All to say, I love my home town memories, my dad’s old ’57 Chevy, and the precious gift of being able to go back and see my parents in the house I grew up in.

home church 1

home church 1

Moving away from the shore and back to my home town for a series  –  if 4 is a series  –  of images of the church I grew up in. This is the old St. Raphael’s Church in East Meadow, NY. The parish has built a beautiful, modern sanctuary and this is all that remains of the St. Raphael’s of my childhood. The structure is in the shape of an “L”,  with the altar right at the lower left corner where the horizontal and vertical lines of an “L” meet. This is taken from the alter looking at the longest part of the sanctuary.