lift up your eyes

lift up your eyes
oh weary one
and let His love
clothe the lies
mend the wounds
and sing over you

lift up your eyes
oh sacred soul
you matter more
than anyone knows
let His grace
lift your head
you bear His image
be at peace
be at peace

lift up your eyes
oh shame filled one
and let His presence
surround the sorrow
all the monochrome
guilt and shame
will be restored
in the color
of His deliverance
in the brilliance
of His countenance
in the suffering
of His love

lift up your eyes
be at peace
and rest

be at peace
and rest

please change me

so here we are again
another day has dawned
lets get it right today
and see what we’ve become

so here we are again
another chance to love
to give and not to take
to set our hearts on things above

dear God we need to hear your voice
let all the change i want to see
let all the change begin in me
dear God

winter 2021

For most of February the temperature has been below zero. We are currently above freezing, and it looks like we will stay there for a while….say, for the rest of the year! These are some images taken at our home. We had a ski slope in the front and beautiful snow diamonds in the back. Thanks for stopping by.