robert moses state park

I am back home in New York visiting my family. Always glad to be able to head back to the shore.

These are taken at Robert Moses State Park.

The Robert Moses Causeway is named after the urban master builder, Robert Moses, who is responsible for much of what life looks like in New York: highways, suburbs and, state parks.


jones beach water tower 7

jones beach water tower 7

I am having a wonderful time being back home in New York (specifically, East Meadow, NY) visiting my parents and family. My mom and dad still live in the house I grew up in and I love coming “home” to love on them and enjoy them. I also love the shore, especially Jones Beach. I think this is the 7th image that I have posted of the Jones Beach water tower. The next few posts will be from my time back home with my dear parents, in my childhood house on Long Island, near my favorite place to be: the shore.

jones beach water tower 2

jones beach water tower2

And just before you head out to enjoy your weekend, another shot of the Jones Beach Water Tower. I have a few more images coming from my trip back home this past January. The Art Deco style of this tower (this 84 year old beauty is an actual functioning water tower) is representative of the bath houses and other structures in this beautiful state park.