end of the island

The spring weather in Illinois and in New York has been more like a crazy mash-up of Fall with a touch of Winter: lots of cold rain and gray skies. During my recent trip to New York a beautiful, sunny, bright day made an appearance that coincided with a last minute decision to go to the end of the island. So glad I did.

when winter goes

when winter goes

In celebration of the end of winter (he said with great hope!) here is another picture taken at Matthiessen State Park when I was there a few weeks ago with my son and his buddies. We had a great time exploring these falls, and, considering where the boys climbed and explored, lets just say it’s a good thing that no moms were present!

devil’s doorway

Devil's Doorway

Since my last two posts had us visiting Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin, thought we would explore a bit. The rock formation pictured here is known as Devil’s Doorway. The geological features of the park are really a delight and easy to enjoy: quartzite bluffs, hiking trails, rock climbing, forests, and, the  lake all make up for a beautiful setting to enjoy the outdoors. My goodness! I sound like a commercial for the Wisconsin Department of Tourism!