dear son

Our youngest son is getting married tomorrow... I walked into his room and reflected on what I found...

dear son
thank you for the empty room
it tells me the time has come
to see you journey on
and say how proud i am of you

dear son
thank you for my heart is full
it tells me that the time has come
to listen to my memories
and watch you make your own

dear God
thank you for your grace for me
it tells me there is grace for him
let him be so much more than me
let him soar and sing and be
a wonderful man

a wonderful man

who was once a boy
to me

parade again


Thought I would pay a quick visit again to our annual Grundy County Corn Festival Parade before posting some more Fall pictures. This is my youngest son. We have enjoyed watching the hard work, teamwork, and fantastic performances of the high school band that he has been a part of for the past four years. Yup…I am kind of a proud papa. Thanks for stopping by.

jones beach water tower 5

jones beach water tower 5

I had the joy of spending some time in New York with my parents this past week. My parents are elderly now and have their share of physical struggles. They still live in the house I grew up in, so it is such a wonderful gift to go “home”…..and just….love them. My oldest son came with me…so my parents were especially happy to see their oldest grandchild. We laughed, enjoyed the sights and sounds of New York City, ate my mom’s AY-MAY-ZING Puerto Rican cooking, and this homesick Mid-westerner enjoyed a walk on the boardwalk with my dad and my son. I will post a couple more shots from that day, but for now a shot of the base of the Jones Beach Water tower, which by now, I think I have officially photographed to death!  🙂



The Jones Beach Boardwalk still manages to charm after all these years. If you have been around my blog at all you know about my love for the shore, and especially, the beaches at Jones Beach and Robert Moses. When I smell the salty air, walk on the sand and boardwalk, and put my feet in the water (which I did when this was taken on a cold day in January), I am taken back to so many moments spent on these shores…..  I remember clinging to my dad, laughing and frightened all at once, while he fulfilled my request to take me out into the sea. I would hold on tighter and tighter as each Atlantic wave approached, thinking for sure we would be knocked down, but my dad just stood there…against that BIG ocean…to me he was the most powerful man in the world. To this day, in so many ways, he is.