5 Mile Bridge


Before I post a couple of portraits I wanted to share another shot of what has become a favorite spot of mine to photograph. I have posted other images of 5 Mile Bridge here, and  here. I have been riding my bicycle quite a bit this year, and this bridge is about 14 miles from my house. This bridge – and the barns nearby – is special to me. I love the sense of history and forgotten tales that I find here. The old barns particularly point back to days when the prairies were a little younger, and life a bit simpler. I use this bridge to remind me that I have committed to pray for a family, so, it has become a kind of sanctuary on my journey. Finally, it’s the whole process of riding that I just love: seeing the country go by, the wonder of how a familiar place can take on such varying characteristics and feel so different as the weather and seasons change, and yet remain familiar, and therefore somewhat comforting, each time I visit. And that’s enough of my musings for today…

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