happy father’s day

my parents

My mom and dad…. two precious treasures in my life…. today I want to honor my dad…this is a bit long, so bear with me.

As far as I know, my dad has never won an award. In my heart, the trophy case of awards for my dad would have to be ten stories tall – there are so many! I’ll share a few with you:

Here is the award for his hard work and sacrifice. For most of his life he worked three or more jobs, waking up in the dark, coming home after dark… providing with all his might for our family. In more ways than one, he is the strongest man I know. Thank you dad…for your sacrifice and all it taught me.

Here’s another one: the laughter award. Life was not easy for my dad, but he knew how to smile and laugh so hard…. tears of laughter were common. I may never know how deep that well of laughter is…he is still drawing from it. Thanks for the smiles dad and for teaching me to enjoy family and friends until tears from laughing flow.

Oh look! Here’s the commitment award. My dad’s love for my mom is towering, immovable and exemplary. I find it difficult to explain his love for my mom, only because it is so rare and precious. Vows to love in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow… sometimes I think my parents were the original authors of those vows…their love is so enduring. It’s by no means perfect….well… like the time they had an argument that resulted in my dad locking himself in the bathroom, which, turned a frightening tear filled moment for all us young boys into – yup – laughter. You have no idea how grateful I am for your committed love for mom. I love you so much for that.

He was not the perfect dad, but God brought to my life the perfect dad to teach me, mold me and guide me. The Lord was kind to send me a flawed, loving, giving man whose heart of kindness and love is still speaking into my life. I love you dad. I hope I can live, love and sacrifice – with all my flaws – just like you did.

8 thoughts on “happy father’s day

  1. This is so lovely written. Everyone can feel how much you love and admire your father. A wonderful way of honoring him!

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