see these shells

see shells

See the shells? I never thought that I would hate seeing sea shells. I love the shore…I love the ocean, but these shells…these shells I would rather not see. Do you see these shells? These jagged, dirty, sad, colorless shells serve as the sidewalk…the road beneath the bare feet of those beautiful children who run across these shells, which occasionally are submerged in sewage…see the shells?…these shells supporting a young boy whose silent stare and precious smile invade my heart…shattering my bent to complain about the smallest inconveniences in my comfortable smart phone filled life…see these shells? I will never again see shells without remembering to pray for the precious men, women and children of Cite Soleil in Haiti. I am eager to return to this city, these children…I don’t want to see these shells, but I will return for all those unseen children….those unseen families….

9 thoughts on “see these shells

  1. I can see the shells, I can also imagine the suffer you are describing , but most of all I am aware of the generosity and selflessness with which you serve your fellows.
    Thanks for for helping make the world a better place

  2. Witnessed some of the poverty in Haiti’s neighbour, the Dominican Republic, some years ago. This potently drew that experience freshly to mind. I also recall the tremendous tenacity and resilience of the people living there, who still had the courage to laugh and smile through a life caked in squalor, pain and poverty- people I grew to love deeply, who still seemed so much happier and more fulfilled and connected than many of the Americans I encounter every day. It was a powerful experience. Excellent photo and post. Cheers,

    Autumn Jade

    1. We have so much here…yet we are not content…unsatisfied…amidst the poverty and struggle of Haiti I found joyful, kind, content people…cannot wait to go back…

      1. Very true, indeed. Hugs. Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you well on your return visit. All the best-

        Autumn Jade

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