someone’s falling

someone's falling
oh God
someone's falling
a desperate soul
searching for peace
searching for a place
called home

someone's crying
oh God
someone's crying
a daddy fears
for his little girl
how he longs
to keep her safe
in this dark world

someone's running
oh God
someone's running
and the bullets fly
so hard to breathe
just need to hide
keep running

someone's praying
dear God
shouldn't we all
be praying
it's so dark
dear Jesus
shine through
my broken heart
no matter how small
my light may be
shine through me

let me fall
into Your grace
You're my home
and safety
let me weep
with those who weep
You're my comfort and my hope
let me run
into Your arms
and love this world
You love

love this world
You love

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